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Having a fab time thanks to Farm and Country Finance

The interests of our customers are always at our heart and we always like to know how they are getting on. Last year we raised a farm loan for some land for our customers in South Wales. The land finance has clearly been used well and our customers have recently contacted us again about a farm loan for expansion.

Here is what they said:

‘Hi Mark
Hope all is well, we are having a fab time !

Everything gone extremely well after our first year, in fact we have been looking to expand.
After our first year, we have achieved everything we had hoped for and more, and made some fantastic connections from slaughter houses who have offered to buy most of our stock.

But we do better selling at the farm gate.
We have bought weaners in and fattened them up, also have 16 breeding sows at this particular moment. We have 11 Highland Cattle, bred them and had calves, and just hired a bull to bring them in to calf again. We slaughter and have a regular customer base who purchase our Pork, and have just gone in to specialising in Highland Beef.
50 Chickens selling eggs, and can’t produce enough !  
We have bought 2 Tractors ( 1 John Deere + 1 Marsey), an agricultural Trailor, various other farm machinery and had planning for a 165 sg mtr Barn.
Borehole just been drilled, up and working so have our own private fresh water supply.
So you can see we have put our all in !’

How wonderful is that! We cannot say enough about how proud it makes us to be part of a success story – it is not just about arranging farm finace or farm mortgages but much more about our customers being successful. When they are, we know we did our job well.


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