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Finance for Biomass Boilers

Finance for Biomass Boilers

We are pleased to announce we can arrange finance for biomass boilers and loans for biomass boilers.

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available throughout the UK. It is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels..

Finance for Biomass Boilers
Biomass is literally a natural choice. Traditional open fires, burning logs (which was the main source of heat before coal) can lose up to 85% of heat up the chimney, whereas modern pellet boilers are incredibly efficient (90% and more).

As other fuel costs dramatically rise, biomass energy has huge economic advantages. Its production is carbon neutral and the carbon dioxide released from using biomass is balanced by that absorbed in producing the fuel.

It can also harness energy from material that is often disposed of in landfill sites.

The government has a Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment scheme that could offer a grant for approved domestic installations where there is no access to natural gas.

There is also a Renewable Heat Incentive available for non-domestic properties. This RHI is a very generous incentive regulated by Ofgem. The Government has indicated that a RHI will become available for domestic properties in 2014.


Financially, it is claimed by the suppliers of Biomass systems that the following benefits might arise:

  • A significant reduction in heating costs
  • Extra cash for the next 20 years
  • Short pay-back periods
  • A high return on your investment
  • Energy security for peace of mind

(your chosen supplier will calculate these figures)

Whilst the financial advantages to biomass boilers is apparent, it is also the case that the cost of such systems is far higher than conventional alternatives and finance for a biomass boiler is most likely to be needed.

We can help with finance for a biomass boiler and loans for biomass boilers, to make your project a reality.

In the current trying and volatile financial climate, agricultural businesses are feeling the pinch on their available capital. With banks reducing their lending commitments and renegotiating or even decreasing overdrafts, we can help with a cash injection for new projects and purchases.

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