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Planning Legal and Tax

Agricultural Restrictions and occupancy conditions – update

At Farm and Country Finance, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from customers who need a mortgage for a property with an agricultural restriction and we can arrange this type of finance but each case is different. An agricultural restriction is a condition imposed by a planning authority, when granting planning consent for […]

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Agricultural Restrictions (also known as Agricultural Ties)

What is an Agricultural Restriction? An Agricultural Restriction is a condition imposed by a Planning Authority, when granting planning consent for the building of a dwelling, usually in an area where otherwise development would not be allowed. The typical scenario is an agricultural worker’s dwelling, where the development has been granted in response to a […]

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Rural neighbourhood planning study

Consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff has been commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government to carry out a study of neighbourhood planning in rural areas. This exercise will “document the experiences and challenges encountered by neighbourhood planning ‘front runner’ projects in rural areas”. Planning Minister Nick Boles said that at least 169 neighbourhood planning areas […]


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Under-valued probate house sales – Taxman clamps down

We’ve mentioned before about how the current austerity measures, and the lack of tax take, is influencing HM Revenue & Customs to look under stones. And so it is with the under-valuation of probate properties. According to accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young, HMRC has insisted on revaluations, of probate properties, to collect more Inheritance Tax; it has also levied […]

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Agricultural Property Relief – a common sense approach

These days of austerity have resulted in a recession of gigantic proportions and naturally the government exchequer is not immune, with the tax take significantly reduced over the last three years or so. It might then be hardly surprising that HMRC could be looking at angles to collect more where they can and most recently there have […]

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Loose words can cost dear – beware

I am not into social media sites – I cannot think of anything worse than providing a window to my private existence and I am unable to understand why people sit for hours on Twitter or FaceBook, but to name two of these sites. However, be warned if you use them because the courts will […]

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Utmost Good Faith

You might be aware that when arranging insurance there is a duty on the proposer to disclose. A contract of insurance is of the utmost good faith or uberrimae fidei which means basically that insurers accept what you tell them – but beware, because I reckon that insurers are now using this to wriggle out of […]

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