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Farm & Country Finance are one of the most reputable sources of farm finance & loans in the UK | We are experts in farm finance, rural & all agricultural funding…

Farm Finance is an all embracing term we use to describe all types of farm and agricultural finance we offer to the rural and country business sectors and which can also be described as Agricultural Finance, Equestrian Finance, Farm Finance, Land Finance and Horticultural Finance. Finance can be provided for holiday complexes, caravan parks, caravan sites, properties with agricultural restrictions, land, buildings, working farms, non-working farms, nurseries, garden centres, smallholdings, estates, fisheries, farm shops and generally all types of rural type situations.

What purpose might be appropriate for farm finance?

Any legal purposes including but not being limited to repaying debt, repayment of an overdraft, diversification, working capital, business start ups, reducing outgoings, purchases of any kind and development of property or development of business. The funding of a dream property

Farm and Country Finance completely understand farm finance, rural & agricultural funding. In fact, it’s all we deal with. Therefore, you can be assured of a personal and expert service at all times. Every case is handled personally by one of the partners. One of our main aims is to reassure you that you never become a just a ‘number’. It also helps that we have a lengthy and healthy relationships with our lenders.

Farm and Country Finance are one of the most reputable sources of rural & farm finance in the UK. We guide and advise you throughout your application process, making sure your individual needs and circumstances always come first. Although we co-operate with a diverse range of banks and financial institutions, we are above all, independent. This means we always tailor a solution that best meets your requirements, not the banks We provide farm finance and refinance solutions, bridging finance packages, impartial advice, support and a level of customer service envied by our competitors.

We always endeavour to come to meet you in person, and work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you get the best finance solution for your particular needs.

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  • View A List Of Typical Farm Finance Examples..
    • Farm finance for diversification
    • Farm finance for a re-mortgage
    • Re-paying debt
    • Re-paying a loan
    • Farm finance for a business start up
    • Finance for working capital
    • Finance for buying land
    • Loan or finance for buying a property
    • Loan or finance for buying an equestrian property or business
    • Loan or finance for buying a Nursery or Garden Centre
    • Finance for a bridging loan, or bridging finance
    • Finance to buy a working farm, a farm shop, or smallholding
    • Buying a caravan park or caravan site
    • Buying a Fishery or Fisheries
    • Development loan
    • Loan or finance for people with bad credit history
    • Commercial loans
    • Agricultural loans
    • Farm mortgage or loan to buy a property with an agricultural tie restriction
  • View Other Types Of Finance We Offer
    • Low rate farm finance
    • Agricultural finance
    • Farm Mortgages
    • Finance for land
    • Rural Loans
    • Rural finance
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Farm Finance

    What is farm finance?

    Farm finance is an all embracing term used to describe all types of farm and agricultural for the rural and country business sectors and which can also be described as Agricultural Finance, Equestrian Finance, Farm Finance, Land Finance and Horticultural Finance.

    What is farm property finance?

    We offer tailored farm property finance solutions by loans secured on property by a first or second charge. These can also be known as a farm mortgage, mortgage for a farm, farm remortgage, remortgage for a farm, farm loan, loan for farm or farm secured loan.

    Other terms used to describe farm finance:

    Agricultural mortgage, agricultural remortgage, loan for land, mortgage for land, land finance, remortgage for land, finance for smallholding, mortgage for smallholding, remortgage for smallholding.

    What form does Farm Finance take?

    Farm Finance can be long or short-term. We successfully arrange farm bridging finance or bridging loans and longer-term mortgages for farms and longer-term remortgages for a farm.

    Can I get a mortgage for land?

    Any loan secured on real estate or property is a secured by a legal charge or mortgage and so the answer is yes. A secured loan for a farm and a mortgage for a farm are the same thing. Our customers sometimes mistake mortgages as being just in relation to a house, where the term is widely accepted. The only point to bear in mind is that a mortgage for a farm or a mortgage for land are provided by far fewer lenders than a mortgage for a house which is why it pays to talk to specialist brokers in the field.

    Can I get a mortgage for a farm?

    Any loan that is secured on real property is by a legal charge or mortgage and so the answer is yes but the key word is availability. However, some of our customers get confused between household mortgages and farm mortgages. Household mortgages may be available for properties, where there are a number of acres of land (usually up to ten) and no commercial use or no real element of farm buildings. Outside of this, even if you had a large deposit, your usual lenders are not likely to be keen. Some of our customers have been surprised when their existing lender does not allow them to port their mortgage to a rural property they are buying. The usual reason for this is because what they are buying is outside of their lender’s policy. Farm and Country Finance will provide information about your options.

    Is getting a mortgage for a farm like getting a mortgage for a house?

    The answer is yes and no. The principles are the same, in that a lender takes a charge over real property for making a loan available, but the difference is in processes and especially availability. In household mortgages, there are perhaps a hundred and more lenders all seeking the same business. A mortgage for a farm is available from far fewer lenders and why Farm and Country Finance can provide information on different options.

    What if my existing farm finance lender is being difficult about my current farm finance?

    Farm and Country Finance will consider all cases sympathetically, with a view to finding a solution in every case where possible. We are often engaged to find a solution where an existing banking relationship is strained or where further farm finance is required but not available from existing sources.

    What if my existing bank is being difficult about my current farm overdraft?

    We are often called in to raise finance to repay a bank overdraft. We can, where possible, seek to arrange this type of loan by way of a second charge or secured loan for a Farm.

    How hard is it to get a loan for land?

    It is not hard as long as you know where to go, who to approach and, where you are buying property, if you have the right deposit which can vary and why Farm and Country Finance can guide you as to availability. Sometimes there is more than one way of achieving the same result, which is why it is a good thing to make contact with us.

    Is finance available for a farm I do not intend to operate as a farm?

    The answer is probably yes but each case is different which is why you should get in touch with Farm and Country Finance?

    What if the house I am buying has an agricultural occupancy condition, agricultural restriction or agricultural tie?

    These are planning conditions that limit the occupation of a dwelling to certain class of occupant but essentially those engaged in agriculture. Their impact is to (theoretically) limit the market in which they can be sold which reduces values and makes most lenders nervous about properties which have one as being good security. The result is that most lenders say no. The thing is that this type of property can often be bought more cheaply, than a similar property without a restriction, which makes them a good way to gain entry to a rural life. After almost thirty years in the business, Farm and Country Finance will be able to give information about your options.

    Can I get a mortgage for a Farm if there is no house?

    The answer is probably yes.

    Is finance available for a farm if my accounts are not up to date or up to scratch?

    Each case is different, and having had a bad year or where accounts are behind, should not necessarily be a barrier to farm finance. Again each case is individual but Farm and Country Finance has access to lenders that will consider both projected income or no proof of income.

    Is a loan for a Farm available if I have adverse credit or I have been refused a Farm Mortgage elsewhere?

    We consider all cases and try to find a solution and if we can we will give you information on your options.

    What do I do next on my journey to getting a loan for my Farm?

    Call us and talk to us about your aspirations and we’ll bend over backwards to help with your Garden Centre Finance enquiry.

Why Us?

  • All circumstances considered
  • Problem cases a speciality
  • Flexible lending criteria
  • Competitive commercial rates
  • We work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their goals
  • We are a well established and reputable company
  • References are readily available


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