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The riots.

I’ve read a report suggesting that the recent riots in London and other cities in England will cost the taxpayer £100m. This is on top of the distress and heartache, caused to the majority, by a mindless minority. What investor is going to put money into this once green and pleasant land if our government cannot protect communities from a bunch of masked poltroons? Just how is our Olympian reputation to be perceived.

My heart and my prayers go out to the family of those three boys in Winson Green, callously mown down by a fellow ‘citizen’ of their own land whilst they were quite rightly seeking to protect their communities. Tariq Jahan, who tried in vain to resuscitate his son, made the most dignified of speeches pleading for calm and for there not to be retaliation. His courage is admirable and may God be with him and his family.

One has to ask why all this has happened?

The lefties, in conjunction with the BBC, have jumped on the political bandwagon suggesting that the coalition austerity measures are behind the problem. Harriet Harman mentioned the tripling of higher education fees as if the majority of those on the streets could ever aspire to one; unless that is, some idiot government introduces some nebulous degree course – why not English (innit)? Having said that, of course, it is now becoming clear that there were a number of surprise culprits classified as scum – like a grammar school educated millionaire’s daughter, an aspiring musician and a university graduate et al. Not exactly the picture of disaffected youth is it? One oink actually got changed from his working day suit to join the riots. Yet another was shopped by her courageous parents for being involved in the London riots. This young ‘lady’ was an Olympic Ambassador who described her involvement as the best day ever.

It is manifestly clear that these riots were nothing to do with disaffected youth or an underclass. The rioters, looters and pillagers were no more than a licentious and moronic scum who have no place in a decent society at any level. Alan Berg a Judge sitting in Manchester, following Tuesday’s mayhem in Manchester, said to two looters who were brought before him.

‘You have all the benefits in this country which individuals in other countries would pray for, and you bring shame and disgrace upon this country as a whole, and upon yourselves and your families. You do nothing constructive. Everything you do is destructive. This was intolerable lawlessness and no civilised society should be expected to put up with it.’

He speaks for millions and it is pay back time but it is not enough – it is prevention that should be uppermost in all our minds. The reality is that our successive governments are the masters of our destiny, especially those of the socialist, left and liberal persuasion who have designed a concept of social engineering based upon a notion of pandering to minorities at the expense of the majority. Discipline and respect are both horses that bolted a long time ago and the new culture is ‘I want it now’ all backed up and bolstered by a politically correct culture, predicated on pontificating, left-wing principles. This was no protest against disaffection, since working class businesses were targeted, indeed any business at all. Or is it that when these termites were robbing innocent businesses, or setting fire to premises, they were thinking that this was the start of the ‘revolution’?

It is not higher education this scum needs but any education at all. How utterly moronic is looting a Pound Land where the spoils on offer were apparently fizzy drinks and crisps?  Or the lad who was on his way home from his girlfriend’s who, deciding he was thirsty, half inched six bottles of water from Ldol and got six months inside for his trouble. Apparently, there were gasps from the public gallery as the sentence was handed down. Yet this fatuous lout is where he belongs, save that the penal system ensures such people are incarcerated with reasonable comfort and access to privileges.

Now society is supposedly taking its retribution – courts are very quickly and efficiently dealing with this rabble and looters are being hunted down; this is the cure but what about the prevention? How can this be stopped in the future? Our law abiding University students have loans to repay for their education and so these people should be made to pay for the damage they have caused on top of any jail sentences. If this is by withholding a proportion of benefits then so be it.

And this is nothing to do with police cuts as the lefties would have us believe. The police have been emasculated because they are afraid to touch anyone just in case it triggers a complaint; this was worsened after the G20 ‘protests’. This country panders to minorities, has gone soft on criminality and has a police force that has been seen to be initially ineffective at protecting the majority. Successive and pussy governments talk tough and do nothing – they’d rather mulct motorists, through speed cameras, than deal with the scum minority that we have seen in the last few days. And it is us that picks up the bill – a bill that could have been avoided had the tough talk been put into action. Why do the police seem to have to wait before deploying facilities like water cannon and plastic bullets; had these been utilized on day one the question is whether the riots would have escalated and would those three boys have been killed? Would people have lost their homes and livelihoods? Instead, because we are a ‘civilised’ society we have to think about it before we take the action that is urgently needed to protect the majority before matters get out of hand. All this nonsense about treating fire with fire – it’s a great concept just do it on day one.  

The moment this mob started out on its orgy of violence and violated the rights of innocent people, was the very moment their rights disappeared. The very second they crossed the threshold, on to property they had no right to enter, was when they should literally have been in the cross-hairs. It was not reasonable force that was required but appropriate force – force commensurate with the force and the destruction they sought to mete out.

I applaud the work of the judiciary and the criminal justice authorities in hunting down the perpetrators but it should never have been allowed to go so far – it is not fascist to put down civil commotion, when the lives of the law abiding are at stake and have been lost.

It is not a bad principle to believe that if people are pandered to they might repay society by behaving in a civilized manner and by making a contribution to it; these riots have proven beyond peradventure that this model does not work and nor will it ever.

There are those of us who are sick and tired of human rights, a blame and claim culture, those who believe the World owes them a living, and minorities that consider themselves to be victims – what matters are the rights of the majority and if people are not going to behave in a civilized way then perhaps they should exercise their right to leave the country – in fact, it might be more cost effective to pay for their travel arrangements.

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