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Case Studies

Agricultural Restrictions and occupancy conditions – update

At Farm and Country Finance, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from customers who need a mortgage for a property with an agricultural restriction and we can arrange this type of finance but each case is different. An agricultural restriction is a condition imposed by a planning authority, when granting planning consent for […]

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Farm Finance for retirement planning

The farm mortgages Farm and Country Finance arranges can be used for any legal purpose. In this case, our customers, Nick and Chris, needed a farm loan to buy an apartment in Spain and were up against a tight timescale. When Chris first contacted us he was very stressed but, after talking to us, we could see the way […]

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Count On Us For Farm Finance

One of the questions any customer should ask is ‘Why should we use Farm and Country Finance to arrange our farm finance or agricultural mortgage?’ Of course, people have a choice and sometimes, irrespective of what we and our testimonials say, they decide to go somewhere else. It may surprise you how many of these […]

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Farm remortgage when it was needed most

Farm and Country Finance arranges a farm remortgage when it is needed most. Our customer, who was situated in Cornwall, found herself in some difficulties with her current bankers and needed a farm remortgage quickly – she was under extreme pressure because there was an order for repossession against her. The property had an agricultural restriction or agricultural tie which meant […]

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Calm and courteous help with a remortgage for a farmhouse

We are grateful to Mrs K Amor for letting us have some feedback after we arranged a remortgage for a farmhouse. Arranging mortgage for farmhouses is not always straightfoward and it’s nice to know that our efforts in raising farm finance are so appreciated. We hope this gives confidence to other people, looking for farm finance, […]

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Customer was impressed by the way we handled his farm loan

We arranged a long-term farm loan for this customer, Mr Brunt of Ceredigion, whose requirements for farm finance were made difficult by some adverse credit. Mr Brunt was kind enough to write to us with his comments as follows: ‘Throughout our dealings I have been impressed by your professionalism and your grasp of what to others […]

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Fulfilling a dream with our farm finance

Our customer, Miss F of North Manchester, approached us with some difficult circumstances. The farm, which she used for her business, was owned by her grandfather who was elderly and unwell and needed some cash. He had always planned to give the property to our customer but, as he needed some money now, our customer […]

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Farm and Country Finance Customers Win Business Award

Our highly regarded customers and Yorkshire couple, Dave & Kerry Woodhead who own Pinewood Holiday Park in Scarborough are celebrating after winning a business award from Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis. Dave and Kerry travelled down to Birmingham to meet up with other winners for a networking event.  This was followed by a talk from Theo and […]


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