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Farm Finance

Residential mortgage for property with land

Here are a few of the common things we hear related to getting a residential mortgage for property with land. Your property is not residential or commercial – but it’s still good security Your usual broker or lender says there is too much land with your intended purchase. Your usual broker or lender says that […]

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Why Farm and Country Finance?

One of the questions any customer should ask is ‘Why should we use you to arrange our farm finance, agricultural mortgage or agricultural loan?’ These are the things to consider: Farm and Country Finance has been successfully raising farm finance and rural finance for years. Farm and Country Finance backs up what it says by […]

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A little about bridging finance – bridging finance for farm

Mark Bracegirdle FCCA FMAAT Published in Farmer Trader Issues 130, 135 Feb – June 2007 Used properly bridging finance is the right tool for number of situations e.g.:- 1) A property to buy with another to sell 2) Where these is commitment to buy, for example, at an auction. 3) Where a lender withdraws its offer […]

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Farm remortgage when it was needed most

Farm and Country Finance arranges a farm remortgage when it is needed most. Our customer, who was situated in Cornwall, found herself in some difficulties with her current bankers and needed a farm remortgage quickly – she was under extreme pressure because there was an order for repossession against her. The property had an agricultural restriction or agricultural tie which meant […]

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