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Our expertise in farm finance is recognised

Mark Bracegirdle was recently instructed to act as an expert witness in a divorce case in the Kendal County Court.

The brief was to report on the availability of a mortgage for a property with an agricultural restriction. The case, however, was not straightforward; the house was in close proximity to the rest of the farm and shared its access. Moreover the dispute between the husband and wife was very bitter and an assessment was required in relation to financial statements that had been produced. As Mark is a chartered certified accountant, he was able to bring these skills to bear as well as his knowledge of the market for farm finance, with a particular emphasis on the availability of mortgages for a property with an agricultural tie.

It is the lack of lenders that will provide a mortgage for a property with an agricultural restriction, that made his expertise as necessary as it was to help resolve what was a bitter dispute in which the wife was suggesting that a loan for a farmhouse was available and the husband was suggesting that it was not.

It perhaps provides an explanation as to why such expertise is necessary in this specialist area of farm finance.

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