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Fulfilling a dream with our farm finance

Our customer, Miss F of North Manchester, approached us with some difficult circumstances.

The farm, which she used for her business, was owned by her grandfather who was elderly and unwell and needed some cash. He had always planned to give the property to our customer but, as he needed some money now, our customer wanted to buy his interest, although at a reduced price. To achieve this, she needed a farm mortgage. She had applied in various other places for a farm loan, but had been turned down because of her previous bankruptcy.

Miss F was beginning to think that she would never achieve her dream of owning the property, for which she needed a farm mortgage, until she contacted us.

After the farm loan had completed Miss F sent us this message:

‘Thank you to you both. Without all your help it would never have happened. You do not know how much this means to me.’

Not really a lot more to add really.

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