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Adverse credit finance for a rural property

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  • Is your credit rating stopping you from moving forward with farm finance, land finance or your agricultural mortgage?

  • Are your accounts improving but not good enough for the banks, when considering your farm mortgage or mortgage for land?

  • Are creditors pressurising you?

  • Do you have debt arrears, facing repossession or facing receivership on your current farm finance or farm loan?

  • Do you have county court judgments (CCJs)?

  • Are any of these things stopping you from obtaining farm finance, land finance or an agricultural mortgage?

  • Is you bank manager a name on a piece of paper who has lost sight of reality?

  • Have you been refused farm finance or an agricultural mortgage elsewhere?


It takes all sorts to make a world but you’d be mistaken for disbelieving this when applying for an agricultural mortgage with impairment to your credit.

Having had problems, how on earth do you get a chance to prove yourself again? What if you’ve had a bad year and your farm accounts are not the best or what if you’re starting out? How do you get on the ladder or back on it?

Now think again. The problem might not be you but with the farm finance provider you have selected to ‘help’. If you apply for an equestrian mortgage with a lender, that does not understand that muck happens, then you’ll despair. If you want an agricultural mortgage, from an agricultural finance provider that thinks a court judgment is the bee-all and end-all, then you will be frustrated.

The key then is to find a lender that does not think in the straight laced way that most lenders you are apt to find do. But where to look? This is where Farm and Country Finance comes in to its own.

For years, Farm and Country Finance has had relationships with lenders that will consider applications for farm finance or agricultural mortgages where customers’ credit status might not be the best. These relationships stretch from those cases where credit is mildly impaired right through to the more challenging scenarios such as possessions, receiverships and bankruptcy.

Or perhaps your issue is one of indifferent accounts but with good plans or no evidence of income at present. We may be able to help.

We cannot, of course, win them all, but you’ll get a sympathetic ear and an honest opinion on what can or cannot be done. And if it can be done, we’ll try our very hardest to find a way. Just as long as your loan is wholly or mainly for business purposes you may be on to a winner, as long as you bet on the right horse.

In fact, unlike those lenders who would turn their noses up at such things, Farm and Country Finance openly welcomes this type of business.

Take a look at our case studies and testimonials from other folk, some of whom did not think that their case had any merit.

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