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Farm and Country Finance – why it pays to call us

Just to explain a little more about our ethos at Farm and Country Finance.

A customer contacted us to enquire about finance for starting a rural business. The property was ideal for our farm start up finance product. We  learned that they were intending to sell their current unencumbered property, to put in as a deposit and that the farm loan would be no more than £150,000. So far so good.

On further enquiry I learned that mum was 64, only had a basic pension income and state benefits and her husband (dad) was also in receipt of benefits. We also learned that the son was receiving benefits and none of them were either self-employed  or employed.

Business, of course, can be about taking chances but this has to be viewed in the context of the implications of things going wrong. Some of our competitors may ask why we are bothered about this – the customers are adults, can get legal advice and can make their own minds up. Of course, these things are true and we are paid on results and so if we say no to potential customers we potentially lose money.

To us there is such a thing as morality and our professionalism would stop us from considering this to be a good deal for all concerned, because mum and dad would have been risking the roof over their heads and at their time of lives this was inconceivable to us. Our recommendation was for them to stay put and we respectfully passed on this one.

The moral in the story is this (and it’s all about morality). Farm and Country Finance will listen to all potential customers and help in any way possible, but we may suggest to them that the risks they are taking outweigh the upside. Farm and Country Finance may lose potential income but not any sleep and our professional integrity will remain in tact.

And this really is good news for anyone seeking farm finance, an agricultural mortgage or finance to start a farm.


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