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Wooden spoon for Santander

According to research conducted for the 2011 Moneywise Customer Service Awards, Santander is the worst financial services company for customer service.

A sample of some 12,000 or more Moneywise readers rated financial services companies they had used over several products, including current and savings accounts, credit cards through to car and travel insurance. Santander was rated the worst for service ,across the whole range of providers, for the second year in a row. Barclays came second and Halifax took  third.

Apparently, there were eight major banks in the bottom 20.

Long queues in branches, unhelpful call centres and untrained staff were three of the most common complaints cited in the case of Santander.

By way of personal comment all I can add is that the Britsh public is simply too discerning – why not expect mediocrity since in that way one will never be disappointed!


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