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Why use us?

We’ve completed a deal today – not much of a surprise but then there were some challenges that required expertise and show why it is best to use us if you have some difficulties.

Our customer is based in North Wales and had a property subject to an agricultural tie, that meant he was already up against it to raise finance on it. He came to us for a farm loan. His current farm mortgage was with a lender offering a very good rate of interest and he did not want to touch this. Moreover, he had two loans with two clearing banks, one HSBC and the other National Westminster Bank plc, both of which had been in recoveries or collections for some time. Accordingly, he was under great pressure. What made this case different was the very real trouble we had getting replies and information out of both of the recoveries departments concerned and had it not been for our tenacity and determination, the case would not have gone ahead. In reality we knew which bells to ring and which buttons to press and the end result was a concession of interest to our customer on one of the accounts concerned.

The moral in the story is this – if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself but if you don’t know how to go about it, make sure you go to people who know what they are doing. Without blowing our own trumpet too much, this is all we exist for. Make sure also that you choose people with the right credentials and the right integrity – our qualifications in accountancy and our experience in banking and in our business are testimony to that.

As is often said, you pays your money and takes your chance – why make the chance bigger than it needs to be?

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