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‘they said we were mad’….an update 4 years down the line.

Hi Mark,

Four years ago you helped us fulfil a dream and as I stand in the sunshine looking across our fields with our highland cows on the horizon, I think yet again how lucky we were to find you.

What you helped us do was amazing, some would say we were mad, you told us we could and we did. Mind you, looking back there were some worrying moments, but nothing stopped you.

Just to make you smile, I now have a part time job in the butchers in the village, making pies!! so I think we are at least accepted as part of the community. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and all have a tale to tell as you can imagine.

Adrian is busy with his digger, so he is happy. Kate is busy with her horses and doing well at competitions, so she is happy. Mum is keeping well, tho not so active as she would like, but generally happy, so if they are all happy, then so am I !!

I hope you are managing to keep busy in these difficult times, hopefully things will improve – you know what they say, when things get tough, the tough keep going as I am sure you will.

Regards to Mark A. and of course all the very best to you, as always, Jane

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