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There’s Gold in them thar drawers

Gold is rare and hence valuable

Hard to believe, I know, but the entire Universe is made up of 118 known elements (at May 2011). Of these gold is an extremely rare metal; its average concentration is 0.005 parts per million within the Earth’s crust and throughout the World there is between 120,000 to 140,000 tonnes of this precious metal above ground. To contextualise this, imagine a cube of solid gold which has perimiters of 19 metres and that’s the limit of what has been produced. Were this divided amongst the World population I’d reckon they’d get, as near as makes no odds, around 25 grams each. This explains why gold is so precious and valuable – and it’s getting more so. Over the last ten years the value of gold has risen by nearly 400% and is expected to rise to over £1,200 per ounce later next year.

So what

You may well ask. The fact is that those old bits of gold hanging around in a dusty drawer are literally worth their weight in gold and it might be worth a house hunt to see if there’s any unwanted items that you might turn into cash. Items of gold have never been worth so much and it may be tempting, in these days of austerity, to cash some of your earrings or necklaces in.

Here’s our tip

Not surprisingly, all number of businesses have sprung up buying gold and you’ll find them anywhere and in every guise, from the market stall to the high street shop and on the internet. But before you sell off the family heirlooms, make sure you are dealing with a reputable business so that your valuables can be properly valued, which will enable you to get the best prices. It’s upto you but, were it me, I’d not be keen to send my belongings to someone at a distance – you’ll find decent buyers locally. Do your homework.

Hope this helps.

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