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The News of the World

There is no doubt that if the News of the World has been doing the things alleged, those involved should have the book thrown at them and the key thrown away.

To me, though, it is equally sickening that certain celebrities are jumping on an anti-media band wagon and now acting as if butter would not melt in the mouth. We should bear in mind that celebrities court the press when they want to augment their own reputations, or bolster their careers and reciprocally they should expect, as apparent role models, to come under the spotlight for their sordid trangressions – isn’t that right Mr Coogan, Mr Grant, Mr Mosley et al? It may be so that you people have a private life but if so, do not expect to use the media when you want to and not expect it to report your sex drugs and rock and roll when it doesn’t suit you. As for Alan Partridge, he readily deprecates Mr Murdoch but finds it just fine to appear in a film produced by one of his companies. Money talks eh?

We have the right to be angry at the News of the World but we must equally bear in mind that it was the press (if I am right) which brought this matter to light. Moreover, we should also remember that it is a part of our democracy for the truth to be told (within legal parameters) and that includes the antics of celebrities caught with their pants down. Control of and autocracy over the press is the root of the totalitarian state – embrace it at your peril.

Legal transgression is one thing, taking away freedom of speech is quite another.


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