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New – refinance of farm equipment and machinery

Refinance is essentially a means to free up the cash value from assets already owned within your business, injecting much needed capital for use in other areas.   Releasing equity from your existing unencumbered tractors, combines, vehicles, machinery, and potentially even milking and dairy equipment can release funds for a building project, to pay bills, or to fund an asset that is, in itself, difficult to finance.  The process is simple, and crucially, you are still able to continue using the asset(s) in question throughout the re-finance agreement.  The asset(s) can be leased back as an effective management of cash flow and tax, or purchased back through a standard hire purchase, meaning at the end of the agreement, you retain full ownership.

In the current trying and volatile financial climate, agricultural businesses are feeling the pinch on their available capital.  With banks reducing their lending commitments and renegotiating or even decreasing overdrafts, we can help with a cash injection for new projects and purchases.

As a finance brokerage, we are constantly striving to improve the service we provide.  Inclusion of a refinance product is the latest initiative to meet the demands and needs of both our existing, and new customers.

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