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Loose words can cost dear – beware

I am not into social media sites – I cannot think of anything worse than providing a window to my private existence and I am unable to understand why people sit for hours on Twitter or FaceBook, but to name two of these sites.

However, be warned if you use them because the courts will not tolerate defamatory remarks made against others. In law, defamation is a Tort and relates to  untrue remarks made by one person or persons against another or others. Libel is the written kind and slander is the verbal equivalent.

In a recent High Court decision in Cardiff, a local town councillor has received an award of damages where defamatory remarks were posted on Twitter. This is the first of its kind and is a warning that libel includes the posting of such remarks on social media sites

Bear in mind that the truth cannot be libel, but care needs to be taken.

Hope this helps.

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