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Government announces changes to Feed in Tarriff levels

The Government has announced changes to the Feed-in Tariff levels for all renewable technologies.

The changes will come into effect from April 1 and have been published on the Ofgem website at

The tariff for small-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) plants with a capacity of 250kW or less have been reduced from 15.57p/kWh to 12.13p/kWh; plants greater than 250kW but less than 500kW have gone from 14.40p/kWh to 11.22p/kWh, and large plants greater than 500kW are now 9.24p/kWh – a small decrease from 9.49p/kWh.

The domestic Rewnewable Heat Initiative (RHI) scheme, which includes a tariff for solar thermal technology (as opposed to solar PV, which is covered by FiTs), is intended to be launched in spring this year.



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