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Farm remortgage when it was needed most

Farm and Country Finance arranges a farm remortgage when it is needed most.

Our customer, who was situated in Cornwall, found herself in some difficulties with her current bankers and needed a farm remortgage quickly – she was under extreme pressure because there was an order for repossession against her.

The property had an agricultural restriction or agricultural tie which meant that, apart from the farm remortgage where the customer was in difficulties, there was the added challenge of finding a lender that would accommodate a farm remortgage with an agricultural restriction as well. Farm and Country Finance arranges mortgages for properties with agricultural restrictions.

After contacting us, our customer received clear and unambiguous loan information about her farm remortgage options which we asked her to think about very carefully before she went ahead. We were proposing to arrange a short-term farm remortgage of two years, as the customer was already in contact with local land agents with a view to the removal of the agricultural tie which, once done, would increase the value of her property. She just needed the time to see this through to allow her to either sell the property or refinance with a farm remortgage once her finances were back in shape.

We were able to negotiate some breathing space with her current lender’s solicitors to allow time to put the farm remortgage in place. This also allowed time for our customer to receive full legal advice on what she was doing before commitment which we think is essential. Not all finance companies are as keen to ensure that customers know what they are doing before they go ahead with a short-term farm remortgage.

Throughout the entire process we were there for our customer, liaising with lawyers, getting things moving and generally offering our support to ensure that our customer not only got her farm remortgage but also that she suffered from as little stress as possible.

When the loan completed, our customer sent a message:

Dear Mark,

 Thank you so much for all your help. ……………………………………. It is such a relief to have more breathing space but my work here is not done yet.  I will indeed keep you updated as things progress.

Thank you again.

 Kindest regards,


We are very pleased to have been able to help Pat – this type of business give us a real buzz because we can make a big difference by helping to relieve some of the stress, to offer support and expertise that ensures the right finance is put in place and that our customers are fully informed of what it is we are doing for them, without false promises. Not only that we are there for our customers after the loan has completed to offer further support should it be needed.

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