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Farm Finance for retirement planning

The farm mortgages Farm and Country Finance arranges can be used for any legal purpose. In this case, our customers, Nick and Chris, needed a farm loan to buy an apartment in Spain and were up against a tight timescale.

When Chris first contacted us he was very stressed but, after talking to us, we could see the way forward  for them and we successfully arranged a farm remortgage for their horticultural property, which completed in good time to allow them to conclude their contract. We were pleased to be able to take the stress away from them both and proud that we helped our customers with something that was so important to them. It really gives us a buzz to be able to do this sort of thing and makes our days arranging horticultural finance all the more enjoyable. It’s all about being as passionate as our farm finance customers.

After the event Chris wrote to us and said:

Mark, Nick joins me in expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation for all you did for us to negotiate the finance to enable us to meet our contract and complete. As you will recall I was fairly stressed out when we first spoke – but with your guidance and expertise all was resolved. Thank you so much.

All this meant much to us – particularly as it is part of the “retirement plan.”

 Chris and Nick, South Wirral.

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