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Mortgages for Farm Diversification

Mortgages for Farm Diversification

Are you thinking of diversifying your rural business.

Diversification of farm incomes has been a hot topic in recent years, and it’s a good idea. Often, though, the traditional lenders do not want to support it, as they rely on past income and not future potential.

Are you thinking of diversifying your rural business?
Farm and Country Finance often receives enquiries from customers who want to diversify their existing rural or farm business and we have the ideal farm loan for this type of scenario, whether short or long term.

Obtaining such farm finance can be difficult especially for where previous accounting information may not be good enough for the banks.

You may qualify for finance on a long-term basis through us, but we also have a great new farm loan product that fits the bill.

A new farm loan product

Where farm diversification finance is required this product is great. It can be used for all sorts of purpose, for example, where there is a need to create or repair a credit profile before refinancing elsewhere. It is also great for capital raising for a farm or where the bank is being difficult with your farm overdraft. The loan term is for up to three years, so it beats farm bridging finance hands down. The lender will consider extensions to this as long as the customers are making progress towards an exit.
Mortgages for Farm Diversification
Rates are very competitive and early settlement interest is very low with none payable in the last twelve months. The lender is incredibly flexible on income proof and takes projected income into account.

It’s a fantastic deal for farm diversification finance and our customers are already benefiting from it.

No other broker has this farm loan product.

What is farm finance?

An all embracing term we use to describe all types of farm and agricultural finance we arrange in the rural and country business sectors, which can also be described as agricultural finance, equestrian finance, land finance and horticultural finance, a farm mortgage or farm loan. Farm finance can be provided for farms of any size (with our without a farmhouse), holiday complexes, caravan parks, caravan sites, estates, properties with agricultural restrictions (agricultural ties), land, buildings, working farms, non-working farms, nurseries, garden centres, smallholdings, estates, fisheries, farm shops, riding schools and generally all manner of rural properties or in some cases not so rural.

What form does farm finance take?

Farm finance can be long or short term. We successfully arrange bridging finance or bridging loans, development finance or development loans, longer-term farm mortgages and longer-term farm loans. We have access to lenders that offer fixed and variable rates of interest and those who offer interest only farm finance.


Key Facts about Farm and Country Finance:

  • A well-established and reputable company.
  • Hands on and experienced.
  • We work in partnership with our customers to help them achieve their goals.
  • We try to find a solution but if we can’t we will tell you honestly.
  • References are readily available.

Other things to consider:

  • Farm and Country Finance has been successfully raising farm finance and rural finance for years including mortgages for properties with an agricultural tie.
  • Farm and Country Finance backs up what it says by providing testimonials and case studies to demonstrate how it has helped its customers to arrange their finance or mortgage.
  • Farm and Country Finance’s experience of farm and rural finance is backed by the qualifications and experience of its owners.
  • Farm and Country Finance gives straight answers to questions about finance for properties with agricultural restrictions.
  • Farm and Country Finance generally operates on a no win no fee basis.

We hope that this will inspire your confidence to engage us as your natural choice to arrange your farm or rural finance.

Key points the finance for properties with agricultural finance that we arrange

  • All circumstances considered with honest feedback.
  • Problem cases sympathetically considered for those with mortgage arrears, court judgments and other adverse credit scenarios.
  • Flexible lending criteria – full evidence of income may not be required, with schemes where no accounts are available.
  • Competitive rates.

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