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FACF launch ‘Introducer’ scheme

Finance for farms, properties with agricultural restrictions and other country property and businesses are often not run of the mill. There are the usual lenders who say they look at this sector though at the prime level the criteria is strict and at sub prime level rates can be expensive

Title complexities, negotiations with banks and other creditors and credit problems all contribute to making this sector highly specialised. For example, where there is a house within the security, your prospect could qualify for a loan with a residential lender with the niceties of fixed and discounted rates and where the value of the land and buildings is also taken into account, with the ultimate variable rate based upon a margin over bank base rate as opposed to LIBOR which is much more difficult to understand and which alters quarterly.

We offer our introducers access to a service based upon trust, fairness and professionalism so that any prospective applicants are best served. This will result in your prospects achieving their aims more quickly and a valuable source of extra income for you.

All we need are brief details of any opportunity after which we will do the rest and keep you informed throughout. Please either call us or complete the enquiry form.

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