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DC refuses to back GB

You may remember that they called Gordon Brown (or GB for short) the ‘iron chancellor’ because of his handling of the economy. Under Blair, this man spent more on public services, quangos and other lavatorial pursuits than was coming in from record tax takes during the boom (a boom that was handed to him by the Tories). The difference was made up by borrowing, leading to the mire we now find ourselves firmly stuck in.

And yet anger has apparently erupted over David Cameron’s refusal to back GB for the post of Head of the International Monetary Fund. Alleged allies of the left wing, die hard, socialist Scot, have suggested that Cameron should not let his views be coloured by his difficult relationship with his predecessor. Naturally, GB’s ‘allies’ are unlikely to believe that this could be anything to do with Brown’s abilities to do the job or that the myth of the iron chancellor is simply……………. a myth. Could it be that David Cameron’s view is that Brown might not be the ‘most appropriate’ appointment?

Quite rightly, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘What we want to see is the best candidate for the job. No one has declared themselves a candidate for the job.’  The spokesman confirmed that David Cameron stood by his comments about Mr Brown, as well he might with every justification.

As a personal comment, the way I see it is this – Brown failed as a chancellor and subsequently failed as a Prime Minister presiding over a party that also failed to deliver anything other than profligacy, allied with politically correct nonesense leading to this country becoming a multicultural melting pot of mediocrity. Like Blair, I dare say Brown would like to jump on to some gravy train for which (also like Blair) he has proved himself a manifestly unsuitable candidate without even applying. As ever, when dealing with those to the left, it cannot be Brown’s short comings that are in question, but rather it must be personal antipathy felt from the elected Prime Minister towards his fatuous and flatulent predecessor.

Brown head of the IMF? Impossible! But then look at the unelected mediocrats we have heading the EU.


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