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Count On Us For Farm Finance

One of the questions any customer should ask is ‘Why should we use Farm and Country Finance to arrange our farm finance or agricultural mortgage?’

Of course, people have a choice and sometimes, irrespective of what we and our testimonials say, they decide to go somewhere else.

It may surprise you how many of these people come back – some of the stories we are told makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up, because customers have often been ‘turned over’.

Time and again, we hear from people who have contacted us to say they wished that had stayed with us and often it’s just too late for us to do anything about it.

Here are just three examples:

  • Kerry and Dave, whose testimonial graces our home page, had been pressurised into going with another broker who told them they could offer low rate farm finance. They firstly charged them an up-front fee of £495 and obtained an offer for them, but refused to release it until they had parted with over £2,000. Having paid this, they received the offer which was far more expensive than they had initially been told. Had Kerry and Dave been with us from the start they would have saved for more money than we saved them anyway. Farm and Country Finance was delighted to help Kerry and Dave raise their farm mortgage – they have gone from strength to strength and recently picked up a prestigious business award for their innovative holiday business. To see the testimonial click
  • Mrs W of Devon, was an old customer of ours; a couple of years back, her agent contacted us to see if we could arrange further farm finance for her – we did not think this was in her best interests and explained why. This did not stop other brokers replacing the farm loan we had earlier arranged, with another at higher rates of interest and encouraging her to borrow far more than she was able to repay – she now faces eviction from her farm. Mrs W called us to find out if we could help and was sorry that she had not taken heed of what we had told her. We very much regret that this was all too late and there was nothing we could do to help. Sadly, her decision has cost her dearly and it may end up, not only with the loss of her farm, but her livelihood as well – it is tragedy that could have been avoided. Here is a link to a relevant article
  • Mr W called us on 3rd June 2013 – he first contacted us at the back end of 2012 and we explained the best way to raise the farm finance he needed. He wanted a re-mortgage for a farm. His existing bankers were not being helpful and engaged, at his expense, an agent to provide some projections at a cost of £800 per month which he has been paying since the end of 2012. This agent told Mr W that, whilst he was contracted to his existing bankers, he would look for the farm finance elsewhere ‘on the quiet’, which might have said something about his integrity. Now, six months later, Mr W is no further forward and he is still paying £800 per month! It was because of this, that he called us in a state of despair. Despite this we told him what he needed to do, even though there was no gain for us in doing so. Had he stuck with us for his farm mortgage, he would not have been in the position he now finds himself.

Whilst Mr W is not looking at a catastrophe, we often find that customers, who have arranged farm finance elsewhere, are between a rock and hard place with a financial disaster looming ahead of them – that is how serious things can get. ‘I wish we had listened to you’ is something that we hear quite often, though it is often too late to help.

So when you ask yourself ‘Why should we use Farm and Country Finance?’ please take a step back and take these facts about how we arrange farm finance into account.

  1. Farm and Country Finance has been successfully raising farm finance and rural finance for years.
  2. Farm and Country Finance backs-up what it says by providing testimonials and case studies to demonstrate how it has helped its customers to arrange their farm finance or agricultural mortgage.
  3. Farm and Country Finance’s experience of farm finance and agricultural mortgages is backed by the qualifications and experience of its owners.
  4. Farm and Country Finance gives straight answers to questions about farm finance.
  5. Farm and Country Finance generally only gets paid when successful in arranging the farm finance its customers need – this means it is motivated to ensure that the job gets done properly.
  6. We are not salesmen – we do not ‘sell’ farm finance but help our customers to arrange it; this means that we might not have the sales patter – indeed we do not tell our customers what they want to hear unless we honestly believe it ourselves.

We hope that this inspires your confidence to engage us as your natural choice to arrange your farm finance or rural finance. All brokers are not the same, but whatever your decision we wish you every success.

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