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December, 2017

Residential mortgage for property with land

Here are a few of the common things we hear related to getting a residential mortgage for property with land. Your property is not residential or commercial – but it’s still good security Your usual broker or lender says there is too much land with your intended purchase. Your usual broker or lender says that […]

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Adverse credit finance for a rural property

Is your credit rating stopping you from moving forward with farm finance, land finance or your agricultural mortgage? Are your accounts improving but not good enough for the banks, when considering your farm mortgage or mortgage for land? Are creditors pressurising you? Do you have debt arrears, facing repossession or facing receivership on your current […]

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Farm and Country Finance – why it pays to call us

Just to explain a little more about our ethos at Farm and Country Finance. A customer contacted us to enquire about finance for starting a rural business. The property was ideal for our farm start up finance product. We  learned that they were intending to sell their current unencumbered property, to put in as a deposit […]

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